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Hi there, I’m Claire and  I live in Idaho where I  currently run an eBay business as well as now venturing into blogging which I have wanted to do for two years!  Happy + Excited are both how I am feeling at the moment. My interests range from reading and writing to thrift store shopping and crafts. I recently just finished writing an ebook and look forward to getting that out online soon. It is amazing how beneficial Baking Soda is, as well as cost effective.  A  book about it was in order, so I hope that people genuinely would like to learn and maybe even give it a shot.  Recently I decided to give Affiliate Marketing a go because I am passionate about a lot of topics and have years ahead of me to tackle those, not to mention a very long winter ahead because here in Idaho winter seems to last about 5 months. Tackling two or three may actually be in my horizon yet. Do I know more about topics than an expert who has been studying it for years and publishes an article every day? Nope! Things that I do find interesting though I will be writing  about as well as giving useful information how to help a situation and hopefully even giving my readers a brand new way of looking at things and making it a very enjoyable read so you come and visit again because that is what I want the most out of this entire thing is for you to make a new friend and find out some really cool advice along the way. There are plenty of sites to click on and I hope that mine becomes a regular.



This sounds kind of idle for being 44 years old but honestly,  I was never one to say I would have this done in 2 years, 5 years until this happens, or 10 for that…Goals were never a big thought in life, pretty much just living day to day was how I went through life.  In retrospect now I am bummed I missed out on that…a little…those types of people certainly have it all together. As I am getting older goals are finally something that I am adding to my daily life and it really feels like it is all coming together. I am not saying it will be together in a year but for a change I feel like right here  right now is exactly where I am suppose to be, which makes me …feel like I have it all together!! Somewhat.

A recent goal achievement would be starting up my  eBay Store, Here For You 24/7.  I have loved it from day one, never once wanting to shut it down and quit doing it. My son said to me once “Mom, I don’t think you should be doing this…” as he watched me fudge up a thing or two. When the going gets tough it can get frustrating in any situation to feel like maybe we are just not  cut out for this or that,  but never once did I want to quit selling or throw in the towel and am so proud of that store and what it has become. In the past few weeks it has really taken off to the point now I am getting at least 4 consistent sales daily.

So I am really curious what kinds of goals the entire world has set forth but are having some issues getting started due to not enough encouragement, the right information, an actual place to begin…The goal of me being here in front of you today is to  motivate you to step up your thoughts into action and hopefully set a few goals for yourself like I realized is a really great thing to either start doing or a reminder to keep it up. If you have AnYthing that you need someone to help you with and get you the right information needed to start with the goals that you are hoping to accomplish please feel free to send me an email and I promise there will be an article and guidance for a solution to help you reach the first step or perhaps the fifth.  Like I said,  I have a lot of things that I am passionate about to write ten articles on the subject  but overall I am passionate about people and helping people. There have been a few times that I had hoped the internet would supply me with the answer needed and after 7 clicks around still was clueless for the exact solution needed and nothing could be more frustrating!! I would love to be the one that you go to and do not have to look any further so please write me if need be!




I am grateful to have my tiny soapbox set up in my corner of the world, and glad that you stopped by.  Someone I know who is special to me constantly has  informative and very interesting things at the most random moments come out of his mouth and we end up having  long conversations about those and in general all sorts of  topics. I just sometimes look at him when he is done like how do you know all of this? I have come to my own conclusion- when somebody is passionate from their heart to their mind then back again, that person just has a way about them and you can tell that they are very comfortable letting it out because when it is truly believed by them the words just flow.  Knowledge Is Power, it is so powerful that it can bring a person to a total stranger for advice and keep them coming back as a friend, so Thank You for becoming my friend and glad to be here for you!!!  Please feel free to contact me with questions or a topic that you need covered and I will. Also check out my eBay store or you can find me on social media at:




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