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So You Have Decided To Add Precious Metals To Your Investments? Good Choice!


A decision like this is not one to be taken lightly and more than likely took a lot of thought and investigating to come to this decision. With the uncertainty we as Americans face daily as of late in this ever-changing world there is one thing that IS certain: Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium are both a smart and important choice today to add for a well diversified retirement.

Peace of mind is one of your main concerns when it comes to your future for you and your loved ones without a doubt,  so you should learn as many options available to you as possible. Chances are if you have invested for awhile and have a nice nestegg built up then precious metals will help secure that and give you more of a choice as well when discussing options with a reputable company.

A precious metals IRA can help you obtain a great amount of financial preparedness.  Without a doubt going with a company that is top notch should be your first priority when it comes to your future and the handle of it.

The Four Plus More!


The thought of Precious Metals being so solid of a product that it can weather the sometimes destructive and unpredictability of the ever looming financial crisis that we read about, hear , think,  and some more than others stress about so often that it seems like a relief that there is an option such as this to add to our hard earned money  and where we decide to invest it.

One thing to always remember in such a scenario as precious metals investing is supply and demand, which are two of the more important words in todays world because they are what drives prices in the marketplace.  It is no secret that any negative world event or economic down turn tends to up the value of precious metals,

Investing experts maintain the belief that precious metals will continue to be on the rise.   There are quite a few options available for purchase for investors and collectors besides the four main metals which makes it even more interesting of an option today!

Today there is Cryptocurrency as well which includes: Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and Litecoin.  That is only mentioning a few.  If you are new to this whole concept then this may get a little confusing to process all of the options, you most definitely want to go with a company that can explain it all quite easily and thoroughly.

A Few Helpful Hints


Precious Metals are something that all ages should look into if given the opportunity to invest, it is never too early or too late to make such a great investment.  The main plans offered are: IRA, SEP, 401(k), 403(b) or a TSP Plan. Most companies allow to rollover funds if joining somewhere new and offer sweet deals for first time customers.  One thing to  always look for when finding a new business is a place that strives  to put customers first for an Exceptional Customer Experience. If you happen to not live in the same area of the company you choose make sure that it handles business online  to make it an easier process for you. If you have questions written down with issues you are confused about never hesitate to bring them all to light, your peice of mind is very important.

One of the worst experiences one could have is not being very familiar with the right information going forth and reaching out to a new company only to be made to feel  like a bother when asking a lot of questions. Patience and Friendliness are a must- always a must, there have been times in my own life that being unsure about something asked a few questions, some rather ridiculous I am sure to them, but made sense to me. There were  times the responses back that I had gotten were actually quite rude and short, which made the process even more nerve wracking and upsetting. My advice to that would be after one single time of feeling like that is happening…find a new place!

A very good place to go to find such a company would be the BBB (Better Business Bureau), Customer reviews supplied at the website or one written up on Google are a great way to ultimately decide if a company will get your business or not. This is a very important event in ones life and everyone deserves the right company to handle the process. You want the best company for the job, pretty much a company that can proudly tell the world that they are rated 5 Stars since opening for business. Do you know of any at all?


The One That Is A Step Ahead Of The Rest.


When looking for a business to handle something as serious and important as precious metals protection and investing, the #1 place I know supplies all of the above. To add to their stellar style would include the following;

  • in 2013 they  ranked #20 in Forbes 500 Magazine
  • in 2016 added to Forbes Investment Guide special issue
  • in 2019  became  an official Forbes Finance Council Member

Not to mention they has also been featured in Market Watch, Smart Money, Bloomberg, The Street,  and Reuters.

The company I am speaking of is Regal Assets. This company has a 5 Star rating on Trustlink,  as well as rows and rows of positive and very gracious reviews praising both their service and employees.  Regal Assets is by all accounts a Class Act.

Founded in  2003 by Tyler Gallagher and based in Burbank California, it is safe to say they are the company that makes the whole process a wonderful one from start to finish. With so many options today out there on the web sometimes it can be rather alarming to have to scroll through all of these places that promise something better than the next, but do they ReallY??

I can honestly report here that Regal Assets promises, and delivers with a genuine  non-pushy and non-salesy approach and takes the time to educate each client before any transaction takes place. By thoroughly explaining the process, the available product, as well as options where you can send the product (as there are a few) each customer walks away feeling like they definitely chose the right place. Don’t believe me? the customer reviews say it all.  Regal Assets  stands out above all others out there.   The company that is the #1 to rely on.  If you are interested to learn more about precious metals/ cryptocurrency and how it can benefit your future visit you would like to get in touch with them to receive a free gold investment kit visit  Why not just get it right the first time?

Please note: I am an affiliate partner with Regal Assets.


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